Challenges of modern agriculture

Given the Global context, the specific challenges of modern agriculture could be said toHow can we continue to meet the ever growing demand for safe and nutritious food and renewable materials in the years ahead?How can we do this in a way that conserves natural resources and biodiversity for future generations?The challenges are enormous.At no time has the need for sustainable agriculture and sustainable agricultural products been greater. By 2030, the world’s population is expected to rise to ...
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What to consider when buying a Knapsack sprayer?

Written by William Taylor [Independent consultant] and Dr Andreas Herbst [JKI Germany]; formerly convenor and secretariat for the working group that prepared ISO 19932.Does the knapsack sprayer you are considering to buy – leak?Leaks are regarded by many as the most important problem of knapsack sprayers today. Tank lids, shut-off valves, hoses and their attachment points must all be effective at controlling leaks; under pressure and when the sprayer is vertical, inclined and even horizontal.Wil...
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