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What is Halosulfuron?
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What is Halosulfuron?

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If you are dealing with stubborn nutsedge on your landscapes, one of the best products you can use to alleviate the problem is an active ingredient by the name of Halosulfuron. Halosulfuron is known to be effective against both yellow and purple nutsedge.

What is Halosulfuron?

Halosulfuron is an organic chemical compound that belongs to the family of Alkyl Aryl Ethers. Halosulfuron is commonly used as a herbicide on agricultural farms to provide control around maize, sugarcane and rice.

On landscapes, Halosulfuron is known to provide post-emergent control of broad-leaf weeds and sedges. Products containing Halosulfuron (such as SedgeHammer) can be used as a spot treatment for purple nutsedge near ornamental trees and shrubs.

How Does Halosulfuron Work?

Halosulfuron mode of action involves interfering with the acetolactate synthase enzyme in targeted plants, which quickly slows cell division, and growth at all phases of development.

Benefits of Halosulfuron

Halosulfuron has shown to be very effective in controlling nutsedge and other types of sedges on turf. It works selectively on many common types of turf, targeting the sedges without injuring your desired grass. It also works systemically, being absorbed into the plant in 24 to 48 hours then begins moving through the plant to the roots and nutlets underground, resulting in a quick death after a few weeks.

Drawbacks of Halosulfuron

Halosulfuron is labeled for nutsedges and horsetail only and is unable to control other grassy or broadleaf weeds.

Is Halosulfuron Safe?

Halosulfuron is safe to use when applied according to label directions. Always read the product label for safety instructions in handling Halosulfuron.

It is recommended that when handling Halosulfuron (or any of the other chemicals we carry) to use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) before handling or applying. Gloves, goggles, long-sleeved clothing should be the minimum standard. Please refer to the label for proper safety instructions.

What To Expect

Expect to see injury to plants like nutsedge about two weeks after applying Halosulfuron, marked by yellowing of the leaves. The sedge plant then dies within three to four weeks.

Products containing Halosulfuron benefit from the use of a non-ionic surfactant for best results. Non-ionic surfactant is a soap-like liquid that helps herbicide to stick better when applied to cover the leaf tissue and helps to increase herbicide absorption to kill the weed. A popular Halosulfuron based product known as Sedgehammer already contains a surfactant in the formula.

Featured Products

Halosulfuron is a selective herbicide used for post-emergent control of Nutsedge and other weeds in turfgrass and landscaped areas. Sedgehammer can be used in residential, commercial and industrial sites for post-emergent control of select weeds

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