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What is Imazapyr?
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What is Imazapyr?

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When there is a lot of broadleaf weed activity on your property, a herbicide active ingredient that works well to get rid of these invasive plants is Imazapyr. Solutions Pest & Lawn has a quality selection of herbicide products in stock that contains the active ingredient Imazapyr and we highly recommend this product to our customers who want to control broadleaf weeds.

On this page you can gain some background info about Imazapyr, it’s mode of action and benefits. You can also access this page to shop our recommended products which contain Imazapyr.

What is Imazapyr?Imazapyr herbicide application

Imazapyr is an herbicide from the dinitroaniline class and is used in pre-emergent and post-emergent applications to control annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds.

The herbicide active ingredient is commonly found in two forms: weak acid and isopropylamine salt. Imazapyr is also an aquatic herbicide and was registered with the EPA as an aquatic herbicide in 2003.

Imazapyr is a systemic herbicide and is absorbed by the leaves and roots, and moves rapidly through the plant.

How Does Imazapyr Work?
Mode of Action

Imazapyr’s mode of action works by inhibiting or stopping the synthesis of certain amino acids produced by plants. These amino acids are crucial for DNA synthesis and growth.  Imazapyr is primarily absorbed through plant tissue, but can also be absorbed through roots in the soil.

Plants stop growth initially in the roots and this moves up through to the above-ground parts of the plant, with complete death occurring one month, more or less, after treatment, depending on environmental conditions.

Benefits of Imazapyr

Imazapyr is a great alternative to Glyphosate and has a number of advantages over Glyphosate such is a quicker drying time. Manufacturers claim it is rainfast within 1 hour. This leads to a higher uptake of Imazapyr into the plant vs. Glyphosate. Imazapyr also remains active where applied until it is absorbed by the plant. Imazapyr also has lower spray volumes then Glyphosate allowing more area to be treated.

Use Imazapyr as either a pre-emergent of post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds, but preferable as a post-emergent as it is most effective when weeds have sprouted. It is also great to use to treat aquatic weeds on a water body such as a pond.

Drawbacks of Imazapyr

Plants treated with Imazapyr typically die slowly. It takes several weeks to months for targeted plants to show visible signs of damage. When weeds are particularly stubborn and persistent, it will feel like nothing is happening because of how slowly it works.

Do not use Imazapyr if you want to kill weeds quickly and don't have the patience for the active ingredient to do its job on its own time. You may be better suited for a more faster acting herbicide.

Is Imazapyr Safe?

Imazapyr is safe to use when applied according to label directions. It is recommended that when handling Imazapyr (or any of the other chemicals we carry) to use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) before handling or applying. Gloves, goggles, long-sleeved clothing should be the minimum standard. Please refer to the label for proper safety instructions.

What To Expect

Imazapyr is a slow-acting inhibitor which can take a few weeks and generally is most effective during post-emergence of the target plant. In some cases, reapplication may be necessary to best control the target weed. Please refer to the label for specifics on application rates, interval time when reapplication is necessary and any other vital info in regards to the weed you wish to treat.

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