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Diazinon 60% EC/50% EC
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Diazinon 60% EC/50% EC

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  • Diazinon 60% EC/50% EC

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Diazinon 60% EC/50% EC

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Diazinon 60% EC

Trade names of this product include Basudin, Dazzel, Gardentox, Kayazol, Knox Out, Nucidol, and Spectracide. Diazinon may be found in formulations with a variety of other pesticides such as pyrethrins, lindane, and disulfoton.

Diazinon 60% EC. Diazinon is a nonsystemic organophosphate insecticide used to control cockroaches, silverfish, ants, and fleas in non-food buildings. Diazinon is also used to control pest insects in soil, on ornamental plants, and on fruit and vegetable field crops
Diazinon is a non-systemic Insecticide used in agriculture to control soil and foliage insects and pests on a variety of fruit, vegetable, nut and field crops.
Diazinon is also used on non-lactating cattle in an insecticidal ear tag.
Prior to the cancellation of all residential uses by 2004, Diazinon was used outdoors on lawns and gardens, indoors for fly control and in pet collars designed to control fleas and ticks.
Diazinon products are formulated as dusts, granules, liquids, concentrates, microencapsulations, wettable powders, seed dressings and impregnated materials.
Diazinon was one of the most widely used Insecticides for household and agricultural pest control.
Current agricultural uses of Diazinon are limited to selected crops, and Diazinon products (other than cattle ear tags) are regulated as restricted use pesticides.

(1) Diazinon is a contact organophosphorus Insecticide with a wide range of insecticidal activity, having long persistence and relatively low mammalian toxicity. Diazinon is effective against adult and juvenile forms of insects, but also against acarina. The spectrum of activity includes the following arthropod groups:
* flying insects: flies and fly maggots, mosquitoes
* crawling insects: cockroaches, bedbugs, lice and ants
* acarina: dog ticks
* arachnideae: spider

(2) The main applications are rice, fruit, vineyards, sugar-cane, corn, tobacco, potatoes, horticultural crops, animal dips and sprays.

(3) Diazinon is also used by trained pest control operators in households and outbuildings to control cockroaches, ants, silverfish, spiders, carpet beetles and scorpions and in insecticidal collars on domestic pets.

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Azoxystrobin 95% TC,25% SC,12.5% SC,250G/L SC,125G/L SC broad spectrum preventative fungicide

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