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Dicamba 48% SL
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Dicamba 48% SL

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  • Dicamba 48% SL

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Dicamba 48% SL

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Dicamba 48% SL
Dicamba is an Herbicide used to control annual and perennial rose weeds in Grain crops and highlands, and it is used to control brush and bracken in Pastures. Dicamba will kill broadleaf weeds before and after they sprout. Legumes will be killed by dicamba. In combination with a phenoxyalkanoic acid or another Herbicide, Dicamba is used in Pastures, range land, and noncrop areas (fence rows, roadways and wastage) to control weeds. Brand names for formulations of this Herbicide include Banvel, Oracle and Vanquish.

Mode of action:
Dicamba is a selective systemic Herbicide, absorbed by the leaves and roots, with ready translocation throughout the plant via both the symplastic and apoplastic systems. Dicamba acts as an auxin-like growth regulator.

Application of Dicamba 48% SL:
For Boom Application: Apply by a properly calibrated boom spray using not less than 50 litres of water per hectare unless indicated otherwise in the Critical Comments column.
For Aerial Application: Apply at least 25 litres total spray volume per hectare. The aircraft should fl y as low as practical under the prevailing conditions to minimise drift.
For High Volume Application: Apply a minimum 1500 litres per hectare.
For Knapsack Application: A 15 litre knapsack treats 150 square metres.

Broadacre application: Apply 2-2.4 L/ha water in 60 litres of water per hectare. Helicopter application preferred.
High Volume application: Apply 400 mL in 110 L water using ground equipment. Thoroughly wet all leaves and stems of the plant.
Basal Bark application: Apply 60 mL in 15 L water to plants of less than 5 cm basal diameter. Spray liberally all around the base and 25-40 cm up the stem.
Cut Stump application: Apply 60 mL in 15 L water on plants up to 10 cm basal diameter. Cut trees as close to ground level as is possible and spray the freshly cut surface before the sap dries.

Note: A temporary wilting may be evident in crops after application. If seasonal conditions are late or dry seek further advice before spraying as damage may result from spraying crops under these conditions. Growers should seek advice before spraying recently released cereal varieties. Certain maize varieties may develop clubfoot of the prop roots.

Dicamba 48% SL package Size(s)
500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L, 20L

Dimethoate 98%TC 80% EC,40% EC Insecticide Rogodan, Rogodial, Rogor, Roxion, Sevigor, Trimetion

Dimethoate 98%TC 80% EC,40% EC Insecticide Rogodan, Rogodial, Rogor, Roxion, Sevigor, Trimetion

Dimethoate 98%TC 80% EC,40% EC Insecticide Rogodan, Rogodial, Rogor, Roxion, Sevigor, Trimetion

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