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Diflubenzuron 20% SC
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Diflubenzuron 20% SC

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  • Diflubenzuron 20% SC

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Diflubenzuron 20% SC

China basic Diflubenzuron 20% SC manufacturer exporter and Supplier

Diflubenzuron is sold under the trade name Dimilin. Other trade names inlcude DU112307, ENT-29054, Micromite, and OMS-1804.

Diflubenzuron 20% SC
Diflubenzuron 20% SC. Diflubenzuron is a benzamide insecticide used on forest and field crops to selectively control insects and parasites. Principle target insect species are the gypsy moth, forest tent caterpiller, several evergreen eating moths and the boll weevil. Diflubenzuron is also used as a larvae control chemical in mushroom operations and animal houses.

Diflubenzuron is a halogenated benzoylphenyl urea, an effective stomach and contact Insecticide acting by inhibition of chitin synthesis and so interfering with the formation of the cuticle. Diflubenzuron has no systemic activity in plants, and does not penetrate plant tissue, hence plant sucking insects are in general unaffected, forming the basis of its selectivity. All chitin-synthesizing organisms are sensitive to Diflubenzuron.

A. I. Content
20.0%, Min.
Wet sieve test (%) (through 44µm mesh)
98%, Min.
Off-white flowable liquid

Susceptible pests:
Apple rust mite, codling moth, leaf miners, leaf rollers, pear suckers,
winter moth, plum fruit moth, olive moth, citrus rust mite and weevil, cotton ball weevil and leaf worms, army worms, rice water weevil, rice leaf roller, mosquitos.

Use pattern:
The recommended rate of application is 1.5-30 g AI/100 litre of water effective against: leaf-feeding larvae and leaf miners in forestry, top fruit, citrus, field crops including cotton and soyabeans, horticular crops. Diflubenzuron is also effective against the larvae of sciaridae and phoridae in mushrooms (1 g/m2 casing at case mixing, or as a drench in 2.5 litres of water to the finished casing); mosquito larvae (20-45 g/ha water surface); fly larvae as a surface application in animal housing (0.5-1.0 g/m2 surface).

Chitin synthesis inhibitor; and so interferes with the formation of the insect cuticle. This action is quite specific; related biochemical processes, such as chitin synthesis in fungi, and biosynthesis of hyaluronic acid and other mucopolysaccharides in chickens, mice and rats, are not affected.

Mode of action:
Diflubenzuron is a non-systemic insect growth regulator with contact and stomach action, acts at time of insect moulting, or at hatching of eggs.

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