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25% Organic and inorganic fertilizers 12-5-8 mixed fertilizer compound fertiliser for peanut NPK based mixed fertiliser
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25% Organic and inorganic fertilizers 12-5-8 mixed fertilizer compound fertiliser for peanut NPK based mixed fertiliser

Shelf Life:
  • Fat peanut N-P-K12-5-8 compound fertiliser

  • Good-Job

25% Organic and inorganic fertilizers 12-5-8


25% Organic and inorganic fertilizers 12-5-8 mixed fertilizer

rot plant acid organic - inorganic complex mixed fertilizer
GOOD-JOB introduced international most advanced of high activity rot plant acid River collection technology production of new fertilizer, set organic, and inorganic, and function bacteria Yu one, has nutrition full, and effect high, can enhanced crop resistance sex, and drought sex, promote early, achieved quality, and high yield, and yangdi both, excellence effect. Comprehensive nutrients, fertilizer over imagination. The fertilizer used high activity rot plant acid River collection technology, effective reduced has soil on p of fixed, and water-soluble potassium of got lost, increased nitrogen of sustained release sex, greatly improve has nitrogen, and p, and potassium of utilization; while cracked nutrient Zhijian of antagonistic anti-role, improve has added zinc, and calcium, and manganese, and MO, and magnesium, and boron, in the trace elements of activity and effectiveness, for crop provides full nutrition, effect Super imagine. Enhanced disease resistance in crops. The fertilizer is not only nutritious and rich in high-activity of humic acid, can stimulate crop growth, particularly to stimulate root growth to create a strong root system, good, strong, resistant. Add bacteria, suppress soil pathogens, reduce disease, replanted areas, old greenhouse effect is particularly prominent. Enhance crop drought resistance. The manure is rich in organic matter and humic acid, has a strong ability to absorb water after the fertilizer into the soil, and can increase soil aggregate structure, soil water-holding capacity, and drought resistance of crop performance. Early-maturing, high yield, high quality. The fertilizer contains high humic acid and high phosphorus, fertilizer can promote early 7-10 days, comprehensive nutrition, crop growth robust, pre-not leggy, medium-term growth strong, late is not premature, culms are mature, increase productivity at the same time, to improve the taste and flavor, improve commodity rate. Yangdi, and environmental protection. The manure contains organic matter, nutrients, does not contain harmful substances (such as NA +, andCL- ) long term application of yangdi environmental protection. This product is suitable for all kinds of vegetables, melons, fruit, onion, ginger, garlic, peanuts and other, basal application, fertilizer available, mainly in base. General mu of fruit trees fertilizer 100-150 kg, melon in greenhouse vegetable Mu application of 80-100 kg, field crop acres of amount of 40-50 kg.
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