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High Water-solubility Potassium Humate Humate Series Fertilizer
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High Water-solubility Potassium Humate Humate Series Fertilizer

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  • High Water-solubility Potassium Humate

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High Water-solubility Potassium Humate


1. Product Definition
This humate has highest humic acid content and completely soluble in water, which is naturally and decisively used for foliar spray and drip irrigation. Good effect when mixed with soluble nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers.
2. Typical Analysis
Black Powder
Humic acid(dry basis)
75.0% min
Potassium(K₂O dry basis)
12.0% min
Sieve residue (0.5mm)
5.0% max
Particle size of insoluble content
100 microns max
Product code
3. Functions & Benefits
1) largely increase the fertility of soil and water holding capacity.
2) Optimize the structure of soil to increase the buffering power also fertility of soil when used for soil irrigation.
When the soil is less fertile also sandy to some extent, humic acid will increase its cation exchange capacity to retain water and beneficial micro nutrient ,accordingly largely increase the fertility of soil.Under heavy and compact conditions, Humic acid will work with fungi to construct a crumb structure root to absorb water oxygen and nutrient also improve root penetration.
3) Neutralize both acidic and alkaline soil to release the beneficial metal ion, thus promote absorption by plants.
When the soil is alkaline, many beneficial meatal ion and other trace elements can not be absorbed by plants,humic acid can buffer the pH and convert the nutrients and trace elements into absorbable form and promote their uptake by the roots.
When in acidic soil, humic acid will tremendously reduce the toxins such as the ally aluminum and heavy metals, which will be bonded firmly and immobilized ,thus their toxicity is reduced and phosphate is bonded by aluminum is released.
Under Salinalised soil: Salts are split up by the high cation exchange capability, cation (eg.Ca, Mg) are bonded and chelated.
4) Promote plants growth also  crease  yield and fruits quality .
Humic acid stimulates the membrane of seeds to form a strong roots ,which is decisive to increase the capacity of root to take up both micro and macro nutrients .Based on improved structure by humic acid N is largely stored and slow released ,P is release from AL in soil,also other microelement is in the form of easy-available by plants,meanwhile the beneficial fungi is active to produce different kind enzymes.with the above joint effort,the yield will be increased at lease 30%. Enhanced cell assimilation as well as photosynthesis increase the plant’s sugar and vitamin content,thus the quality of their seeds will be largely increased.
5) Enhance plants’ ability to anti drought and frost under stressed conditions.
Humic acid can mobilize K absorption to regulate the stomata open and close on the leaves also promote metabolism ,thus increase the plants’ ability under stressed conditions.
6) Detoxify the herbicide and pesticide residues and other toxins.

4. Direction for use
Base fertilizer: 5-10kgs/ ha, better to be applied with N, P fertilizers.Mixed with Nitrogen fertilizer: 5% of total blend ie. 5kgs of potassium humate per 100kgs of Urea. Also it depends on the soil condition.
Irrgation: 5-8kgs/ha/time
Caution: Dissolve the material in a small tank and do filtering when used for drip irrigation tank, The residues can be used as base fertilizer.

5. Package
1) 5KG,10KG Potable plastic bags.2) Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight.3) Jumbo bags with dischargeable open on the bottom, with poly bags inside.4) Can satisfy the customer’s requirement.
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